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  • C# Nullable Type

    Tags: c#, .NET, null

    How does it work? it is a struct that wraps a struct if the underlying struct has a value, then HasValue is true and Value returns the value. if the underlying struct lacks a value, then … more

  • C# Collections

    Tags: c#

    Arrays. These are not technically a collection, because arrays have a fixed number of strongly-typed objects. Simple Collections (System.Collections) ArrayList BitArray HashTable Queue … more

  • Query expressions

    Tags: csharp-language-specification, c#

    DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT These are my raw notes on section 7.16 of the C# Language Specification. Section 7.16 falls within section 7 on expressions. Heuristic Model Notes. Add notes for each … more

  • Some Sweet Things

    Tags: c#, css, html, javascript, asp.net

    JavaScript, CSS, HTML Typeahead.js Bootstrap AngularJS AngularUI C#, ASP.NET dotNetFiddle Run C# code online. StyleCop Why create your own style guide? Style Cop has already done it. Other … more

  • Predefined vs User-Defined

    Tags: c#

    Predefined In version 5.0 of the C# language specification (hereafter called "the spec") the term predefined occurs 102 times and its hyphenated synonym pre-defined occurs 14 times. The spec uses it … more

  • C# Implicit Conversions

    Tags: C#, csharp-language-specification

    DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT The following are my notes from section 6.1 of the C# Language Specification Heuristic Model Definitions. Add definitions for the chapter. Examples. … more