Welcome to Shaun Luttin's public notebook. It contains rough, practical notes. The guiding idea is that, despite what marketing tells us, there are no experts at anything. Sharing our half-baked ideas helps everyone. We're all just muddling thru. Find out more about our work at bigfont.ca.

Contents tagged with css

  • CSS Transparencies

    Tags: css

    This example by CSS-Tricks shows both `rgba` and its browser support. This post by CSS-Tricks contrasts `rgba` with the `opacity` property. more

  • CSS rem vs em

    Tags: css, web

    rem The font-size of the root element (i.e. the html element) Using rem for units means using multiples of the root font-size. em The font-size of the of the current element References https://css- … more

  • Red dots in Firebug Style Editor

    Tags: css, encoding, firebug

    We've been seeing this in some of our CSS files. There're red dots between each character. It turns out this is because the file encoding is unicode. Changing the file encoding to ascii resolved the … more

  • Some Sweet Things

    Tags: c#, css, html, javascript, asp.net

    JavaScript, CSS, HTML Typeahead.js Bootstrap AngularJS AngularUI C#, ASP.NET dotNetFiddle Run C# code online. StyleCop Why create your own style guide? Style Cop has already done it. Other … more